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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and what he said about president obama he said, "i didn't know if i'd like him. i thought maybe i wouldn't but i did. i enjoyed him a lot." and once he left the "new york times" headquarters he made his way to the airport and we found out he plans to spend the holiday in the sunshine state. in florida. "new york times" interview lasted an hour with trump. there were more than 90 tweets. we have more to share with you at including him talking about his relationship with members of congress. stick around for that. q mccray. michelle? michelle: we'll see you then. when he was asked about this weekend's white nationalist conference in d.c. over the weekend, president elect trump replied "boy, you are really into this issue." that is a direct quote. yesterday, kevin lewis reported on the fall-out after the group held a dinner at maggiano's and then took this picture that you are looking at including the nazi salute.
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meeting took place. kevin? kevin: there were protesters on the sidewalk. the group that goes through the national policy institute was recorded in video provided to us but the atlantic. that is causing many to re-examine the power of the first amendment. >> hail trump. hail our people. hail victory. middle of the ronald reagan building has people livid. the company that manages the federal property in downtown d.c. says it is disgusted by the group's message but was constitutionally required to grant the members space to opine. >> the first amendment protects them. kevin: this attorney is well versed in first amendment rights. >> there is really no way unless there incitement of violence they can throw them
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trump spoke with reporters and editors at the "new york times." when asked about the extreme right, including this group, he said, "it's not a group i want to energize. and if they are energized, i want to look into it and find out why." a task he says trump should follow through with. >> the new administration needs to set the right tone. it needs to enforce the constitution and protect political of express and mak why its view point is. >> friday's convention is by no means unprecedented. in 2013, the national park service granted the k.k.k. a permit to rally at gettysburg. in this case, the constitution protected them. live in northwest, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: talk about the transition now. the trump transition. today, president-elect trump
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of the department of housing and urban development. that comes less than a week after carson said he did not want to be considered for a cabinet position because he didn't feel he was qualified. meanwhile, former d.c. school's chancellor responded to speculation she is being considered to head the department of education, saying she is not seeking a position in the administration but welcomes the opportunity to find common ground and will do whatever she can to support larry: holiday travel is starting ahead of thanksgiving. a.a.a. estimates 49 million americans go somewhere for the turkey meals. 1.2 2 million from our area and almost all travel by car. 88,000 take to the air. we have team coverage of the get-away tonight. with the transportation reporter brianne carter who is live at reagan national airport. brianne?
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that's tonight. look at reagan national airport. you can see the amount of heavy volume we have already lining up. this comes as many say the holiday get-away is wednesday through sunday. some are already getting out of town. >> the holiday travel rush. kicking into high gear. >> i figured the middle of the day in the week before the crowds would pay off. >> this year a.a.a. projects 1 milln to last year will be heading somewhere for the long holiday weekend. for many, that means taking the friendly skies. >> a lot of them may be the first time travelers or people traveling once or twice a year. brianne: today, abc7 got a look at how jetblue keeps it on track. >> thanksgiving holiday between the boston airport for jetblue, we are looking at putting 53,000 customers
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brianne: that is an increase. they have assigned team of four to each flight to manage everything from the refueling to resetting the cabin in as little as 35 minutes. >> around this time of the year you are seeing more check-ins. people are going, not everybody goes to the family. a lot of people go on vacation. >> to make it encouraging travelers to arrive early, especially on sunday when many folks are expected to make the return trip home. >> how about i tell you? brianne: back here live, you will want to add extra time. that is a warning from the airline officials and the airport officials. speaking of airport officials here, the numbers are already looking up so far toward the end of 2016. reporting live, brianne
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larry: thank you. larry hogan was at b.zi. today to celebrate opening the d.e. connector. the $125 million project connects concourse d and the international concourse e. it will create eight-lane security checkpoint, food and the retail stores and the new children's play area. michelle: the gas prices are up 4 cents today from this day last year but a.a.a. still seems to think we will see the highest number of americans traveling in the last nine years. team coverage live in arlington with a look at how much you can expect to spend if you fill up before you go. jonathan: we are crumpling the numbers and there is nothing -- crunching the numbers and there is nothing but good news. travelers hitting the road. this is what a.a.a. says about the average price of gallon of gas. $2.13. that is the national average. we broke it down to the d.m.v. to give you an idea what you are looking at in area. maryland, $2.17.
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$2.36 in d.c. that is the most expensive. the average in our area is $2.16 for a gallon of regular unleaded. now before you head out and head to grand mother's house and you have to fuel up, stay with abc7 for the rest of this hour. we will be giving you the least expensive or the cheapest places to fill up in the area. we will put it out throughout the newscast. for now to stephen tschida to see how it is looking on roads. stephen: we are on the inloop. we just passed ritchie marlboro road. we are heading east. the red lights in front of us. there is heavy track. to set a slow and a steady pace at this time. back to you. michelle: all right. thank you so much.
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traffic by signing up for text alerts on jonathan: of course the weather plays a big part traveling this time of year. michelle: you want it to be nice and easy going. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill has a check on the forecast. the sunset looks great. doug: it's gorgeous. the next 15 to 20 minutes more red and orange before it darkens up. the temperatures are chilly. we have had it for a while. it's n with the winds lighter. by 6:00, we are down to 45. 43 at 7:00 p.m. then a rapid dropoff there have -- thereafter through the morning. 28 in aspen hill. 23 in manassas. the cold spot. 32 is the first official 32-degree morning in the face's capitol. the forecast tomorrow, increasing clouds in the afternoon. highs will reach 52. dry through the day.
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thanksgiving. more coming your way in ten minutes. maybe less than that. michelle: thank you. we are keeping a close eye on the new developments after this deadly bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. the driver was arrest and charged this morning. erica lathan from the sister station joins us live from chattanooga where the ntsb wrapped up a news conference a short while >> the investigators tell us it's still early for them. they just arrived here hours ago to investigate their part of the investigation. they are expecting to be on site for seven to ten days. we are looking at things including two cameras aboard the bus. the vehicle's engine control module, as well as collecting the witness statements and looking in driver's history.
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who we are told just obtained a commercial driver's license in april of this year. the school bus had just left woodmore elementary school when it crashed with all 37 students aboard the bus. five students were killed. we are told it included four fourth graders, a first grader and a kindergartener. today 12 students are hospitalized. we are told the driver authorities believe he may have been speeding at the time of the crash, going well in excess of the posted 30-mile-per-hour speed limit. on tally road when he apparently lost control slamming in a tree, slicing it in half. we will take a closer debate
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this did not like many others. what it would cost to install the seat belts and how safe they would be. that is next at 6:00. larry: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- officer arrested. while the charles county sheriff's office took one of their own in custody. michelle: later at the helm. hear what the machine the mayor wants to be d.c.'s new school chancellor has planned for the city students. larry: plus, president honors the stars for the highest civilian honor. kimberly: a year since "7 on your side" was the first in the country to warn you about the hooverboard hazards. what're are on the toy -- trouble in toyland report. michelle: great news heading to the holiday. look at the numbers. the record high territory for the dow when the markets close
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virginia, where exxon and gulf stations are traveling low prices at the exit. find out the best prices where you travel by going to larry: once the turkey is done plenty lace up the shoes for the friday sales. kimberly: the trouble in toyland have toys recalled. they should not be sold but they are. these are the different reasons why they have been recalled and why you don't want to buy them or take them back. the guys look harmless. but wheels can pop off and be a choking hazard. the starfish, what could it do? it comes with a powerful magnet. if a child ingests it, it can be deadly. this digger, the red paint has too much lead in it. as do the cups. imagine your kids are drinking
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touching lead product. this has a usb cord that can overheat and cause a burn or a fire. we know about the hoverboard. they are still under recall. if you get one this season make sure it has u.l. certification sticker. the toy industry heard "7 on your side" would cover this today so they sent us a response saying they take issue with this report. saying not all of these are toys and som products and they believe it undermines the effort to keep toys safe. they say there are more than 100 strict regulations to keep toys safe. keep in mind of the 264 deaths from toys among children in the last 15 years, the most dangerous toy of all balloons. i'm "7 on your side," consumer investigator, kimberly suiters.
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doug: we have been tracking otto, hurricane otto. it's moving west to the southern caribbean. it will muir along the nicaraguan and the costa rican border and make travel across the section of central america and make its plunge back to the pacific ocean and dissipate heading southwest to cooler patches of water. not r the case as well. this is great falls virginia. country club at the river bend. the winds are lighter and the temperatures are chilly. pleasant day. we will see the numbers drop from the 40 to the 30's. 48 in petworth neighborhood in the district. but potomac is 43.
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45 right now in hernandez. -- 45 right now in herndon. the temperatures will plunge. it's exceptional dry air, mostly clear skies and the light winds to knock numbers to 24 to 34 in the area tomorrow morning. traveling tomorrow we look at the possibility of rain across the pacific northwest. area of snow in the part of idaho and western montana, the northern rockies at the higher elevation. midsection of the country is lake superior, a cold front will be stretching south to texas. they will be areas of the showers developing, farther south and rumble of thunder. smokey mountains we may see sleet there but generally showers.
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50's. the timing suggest some of the areas of the rain will move in around midday or after. mid-morning to sunrise. 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. the steadier rain is holding off until mid-to-late morning. mostly scattered rain showers. the timing will suggest it moves out of here in the afternoon. we have broken a large forecast to hour-by-hour for thanksgiving. we look farther out to the time. the first day there are no huge spikes in temperatures. by this time next week we could have days for low 60's. a chance of showers on thursday. cooler and breezy in the upcoming weekend. everybody is back from the holiday and it's quiet and cloudy with a chance of a
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early december weather. it will be early december by the end of next week. michelle: all right. get ready. enjoy the calm nature of the forecast. larry: appreciate it. the blue angels are in the area today but they weren't in the skies. michelle: find out what they are doing on the ground and how you can help. >> the rally in the district not calling for change. what the folks are saying. >> guest hous dignitaries, temporary residence for president-elect. i'm mike carter-conneen outside the blair house. live take you outside a new exhibit with the never before seen photos an artifacts in the historic building. michelle: but first, a look at
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michelle: just in time for the inauguration, a new exhibit and book explores the exclusive experience of the blair house. it's on pennsylvania avenue across from the white house. mike carter-conneen shares never before seen photos inside the president's guest house. mike: built in 1824, the u.s. government bought the blair house from the blair family in 1942 during f.d.r.'s presidency.
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stayed in the white house. >> the private rooms in the white house are only so large. >> over time the blair house absorbs the neighboring row homes and now stretches a full block. bigger than the white house. this exhibit at the nearby decatur house as artifacts and the photos of the posh and private quarters at the blair house. they are featured in the new book by the historian to give historic building they will likely never see. >> it's an exclusive, quiet place for the foreigners in the diplomatic business. you can go there to take off the shoes and relax. >> the blair house has served as a temporary residence for the president-elect and the family through inauguration day since jimmy carter. with the hotel a few blocks away it's unclear if president elect trump plans to continue that. >> this the is state
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>> it includes inauguration day breakfast. sitting and signing the official guest book. never displayed before the guest books are normally locked in a safe. >> they are guarded and protected and very valuable. >> the exhibit is free and open through march. the book is available online or at the white house visitor center. larry: wow! michelle: gorgeous, right? upgrade fr larry: the story that the walls could tell. over centuries. larry: coming up at 5:00 -- president obama: i thought about him doing the citations which would have been very
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him sing for his supper. michelle: the star-studded line-up at the white house to receive medal of freedom. >> today the mayor bouzer introduced a new candidate to be the next school's chancellor. i'm sam ford with the story on abc7 news. >> a local cop facing 20 years behind bars because of what the investigators fou prices ahead of the holiday get-away. if you are planning to head north, this is before the new jersey turnpike. they are charging $1.99 for a gallon of unleaded. find the best gas prices all
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don't miss our black friday specials, at havertys furniture. big savings in store only. this friday, eight am to eleven am. plus, win up to $250 off your total purchase. and get thirty-six month, no-interest financing. friday, three hours only. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. don't miss our black friday specials at havertys.
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. michelle: we are joined live from greenbelt with the latest on the developing story. brad? brad: the hearing lasted 45
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accused officer walked out of the courthouse here essentially free until his trial. but the judge making it clear he has to follow certain orders. he is not allowed to have access to the internet, to guns, to alcohol, to children or to porn. the case against charles county sheriff department officer alexandria sullivan came together quickly. there were several uploads to a phone in charles county. the sheriff department was notified last week and the detectives realized the owner of the cell phones was one of their own. sullivan was ses spend -- suspended last week and arrested last night and it's alleged that the ten-year veteran cop was in possession of several explicit images of very young children. in court, the judge explained
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prison. now the charles county sheriff office declined any comment today. they did issue a statement saying that they believe their detectives acted quickly when they realized it was one of their own. they turned the case over to the fed. now when sullivan walked out of the court with his attorney today he declined comment. he was accompanied by his wife and his father-in-law. they declined comment. in greenbelt, brad bell, abc7 next safetrack surge starts monday.
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leaving d.c., we are on the verge of having a new pick tonight. sam: often leaders come to town to whip the area to shape. but browse browse released her new chancellor. >> welcome chancellor wilson. sam: he was mainly singing the praises of the d.c. school systems and praised former chancellor. >> originally chancellor rhi when i was in denver, we were the educator effectiveness. we modeled a lot of our work off of d.c. >> cited for selecting wilson is the leadership and support of males of color high school. >> he is forefront of leading the males of color in the district. those are things we want to focus on. >> council scheduled confirmation hearings on
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conference. >> it will be easy for him. >> the first person he asked was not his wife but his 14-year-old daughter. >> i wanted to make sure it was something she could support. the clear answer is absolutely. >> for it. >> i talked to my wife and i mentioned the opportunity she said i could go for it. thank you. sam: in northeast washington, i'm sam ford. abc7 news. larry: changes at the top can be hard for those left behind. in d.c. some folks want to be sure that vice presidential joe biden knows how they feel about his departure. they rallied at the naval observatory. he stopped by to stay hello. he thanked them before
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>> uncle joe watched the years as senator in delaware. michelle: it's nice of him to show up to surprise them out there. i love he had on the aviators. a who's who of american culture was in the white house this afternoon to receiver the highest civilian honor. president obama awarded 21 entertainers and philanthropists with the presidential medal of freedom. among the honorees was michael jordan, kareem abdul jabbar. he had to struck to it get the medal around his neck. bill and melinda gates, tom hanks and diana ross. the president really likes this class. president obama: we have innovators and artists. public servants.
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athletes. renown character actors. like the guy from "space jam." [laughter] michelle: that dude. you know, the crying jordan, the meme. he went to that. spruce springsteen and ellen degeneres were also among the honorees but ellen almost didn't get in after forgetting her i.d. at home. but she eventually got her medal. she is a class clown for that larry: yeah. michelle: secret service doesn't care who you are. larry: i'm ellen? i don't care. congratulations. well deserved. no question. a warning for half a million people about their personal information and their credit cards. michelle: we will explain coming up. that story. and also tonight at 6:00 a parent's worst nightmare. children killed in a school bus crash. tonight calls for seat belts
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explain why some experts say there are better ways to keep
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steve: the fronteddal system approaches and it make it to morning showers. some may continue to the midday hours and clearing late in the day.
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horace: half a million recipients according to h.u.d. in august, the main and the partial social security numbers of the recipients was exposed on the agency website for a period of time. thigh cleared up the problem but they don't know if anyone
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taken the names off the website and offering those who are affected free credit counseling services for one year. in the newsroom, horace holmes, abc7 news. larry: thursday redskins-cowboys game doesn't need extra hype. but today the players may have given the team from dallas so-called bulletin board material. >> it's far from the average day. with the help of these gentlemen we will explain why >> tomorrow on "good morning washington" we zero in on the hottest holiday gifts to see which is worth the cold cash. >> deep holiday discount coupons. too good to be true? "7 on your side" with why you should take a closer look at the fine print. >> it's "good morning washington" happy holiday hour. the seven lucky winners will get the like friday bucks
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with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes on
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michelle: kids like to play dressup but if you're at the hospital it's not that easy. jeff goldberg went to the inova fairfax hospital today where they had a medieval time. jeff: at medieval time at the mall, they rule the kingdom. but here, the kids are royalty. >> do you feel well enough for a visit from the king? >> king c group around the inova fairfax hospital to spread positivity and the cheer to patients like 8-year-old elizabeth. >> i don't think she was as i ware before they came but she was surprised. >> in a good way. >> definitely. >> they have a variety of issues, respiratory to broken arms to cancer. they typically see more in the
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like these make a big difference year round. >> it is important to have something to look forward to and take their mind off what they are going through at the hospital. >> along the way they encountered 10-year-old zack from gainesville who offers up this joke. what is the best time at medieval time. >> i give up. >> knight time. [laughter] better the king gets. >> same goes for the kids. like sac. it's a time and a feeling. >> it's like i meat a real king. >> he won't forget. >> what a great thing to do. to allow the kids to have an escape so they don't think about the serious things they are dealing with the treatment.
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up with the marine toys for tots to deliver gifts to families in north carolina affected by hurricane matthew. more than $250,000 of the books and the toys packed up today. last month hurricane matthew caused damage for the safe. there is a toy drive next saturday. it's that time already. michelle: the purple line is on hold until they look at the environmental impact. the 16-mile light rail project would connect the prince george's and the montgomery county north of the beltway. >> time for a check of the
5:47 pm
for us. jamie: we have six lanes full of traffic bumper to bumper. this is the inner loop. this 66 near the tysons continuing north. the stretch is averaging over an hour and a half just to head north. you get a good idea here. but this is up to 116 minutes. so almost two hours. this is five miles. that is the inner loop. on a normal day it's 30 minutes. that is a lot for the middle of the rush. trying to lead the city on 395. 36 minutes from the 11 street bridge to the beltway.
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baltimore beltway. it's bumper to bumper traffic. the heaviest area is in the stretch. if you expect someone you will see them later. much later than you were expecting. that is a look at traffic. larry: thank you. go back home. michelle: not a pretty look. michelle: there is an exxon cha is charging $1.93. you can find the best websites wherever you are heading to larry: an order writes a prescription for the state. what it means and why an addiction expert says it is
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doug: let's talk about a lunchbox visit. josh knight visited sugar land in sterling. while he was there he really captivated the kids. these are the fourth graders for the program. and the pictures together. what it is like in the studio. we did weather experiments to keep the attention to explain how it works. kid cam operator and the
5:50 pm
[inaudible] doug: what is the difference between the snowstorm and a blizzard? let me show you a video from last january. january this year, actually. this is what a blizzard looks like. we have fairly light snow for the winter but you can't rule it out totally. look at the details of a blizzard. and what makes it different from the garden variety snowstorm. blowing snow le deuced the visibility and how far you can see to quarter mile or less for three hours or more and the winds constantly blowing 35-mile-per-hour or more. to have a blizzard you don't have to have a lot of snow. winds and the reduced visibility. but when we thinkably saturday we think of the video where we get two feet of snow. it can be a blizzard, too, but you don't need a ton of snow to have a blizzard. larry: i didn't know that. michelle: i wonder if they are
5:51 pm
thank you, doug. erin? erin: well, the redskins were back at worm but it was only a walk- -- back at work but only a walk-through between sunday night's win with the packers and thursday's game at dallas. we were at the redskins park to ask josh norman and robert kelly what they know as the newcomers to the team about the rivalry. josh norman is new to the rivalry. >> i noticed that. we want dallas. okay. cool. go take them on. >> but he is catching on. >> i was in n.f.c. south. and now coming here to the n.f.c. east, big, man. higher step.
5:52 pm
since i was born, my grandfather and owl of that back in -- all of that in the day. in 2018 he scored and threw up the x and all that. erin: also new to washington-dallas is the rookie robertlso new to washington-dallas is the rookie robert kelly. the running back may have given them bulletin board material. >> rivalry for 40 years. what do you know about it? >> i know nobody here likes the cowgirls. >> i got you. erin: oh, boy.
5:53 pm
then we tweeted out that a dallas fan included dez bryant, ezekiel elliott and dak prescott on the tweet so we're pretty sure he heard about that. michelle: it's on. erin: think they put it up in the locker room in dallas? >> we tweet it to everybody else. >> josh is throwing up the x after that pick hopefully. larry: got the whole thing figuring out. all right, michelle: football is one of the big events in the thanksgiving holiday. >> when we come back, some of the security you don't see
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stephen: stephen tschida here on the loop on the eve of thanksgiving. this is looking like christmas with all the red lights. it's very slow going. the traffic moving.
5:57 pm
heading out of town for the holiday. larry: wow! nearly 50 million americans are expected to travel this week. there is tight security at the airports and the celebrations like macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york. but a chief political correspondent scott thuman explains there is plenty of protection you don't see. scott: it could be a record-breaking holiday. the t.s.a. expecting more airport travelers than ever. which also means you will see a new high in the number of the uniforms. security in li ongoing global threats is the reason. >> does it increase in your mind when you travel? >> every once in a while it does. but for the most part not for me. >> it doesn't cross our minds. we know that the airport and the government takes very good care of us. scott: it is true, the government is stepping up. >> we have ways of developing major domestic agencies. we have the latest available
5:58 pm
>> even with no specific credible threats he believes they will benefit from a restructuring. >> congress has been helpful. they allowed us to reprogram $100 million of money. scott: 27 million are getting on the planes. amtrak is increasing the tr decrease in concern. >> they should make sure everybody is safe when they travel. regardless of the holidays or the travel. >> do you think they do that? >> i think so. in the last ten or 15 years i think so. >> t.s.a. cite what is may be most critical is what you don't see. >> there are some things that will go on behind the scenes we couldn't talk about publicly. >> t.s.a. says the threat level is the same. but the vigilance is ever
5:59 pm
someone who is not part of a terror inspiration but is inspired by one. on capitol hill, i'm scott thuman. larry: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". right now at 6:00, surprising admission by president-elect trump in a sit-down interview with the "new york times." devastating school bus crash revives the decade old debate. >> we should all use seat belts. larry: but experts found a better u keep children safe. caught on video. a man fends off a knife attack using a trash can lid. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: well, we are getting one of the most in-depth looks yet at what is on trump's mind preparing for the presidency. despite taking several shots at the "new york times" while
6:00 pm
and they live tweeted everything he said while he was saying this. q mccray has been on top of the story since it started. q: the meeting at the "new york times" had with the president-elect donald trump lasted 75 minutes. the staff tweeted 100 times. they discussed trump's controversial supporters as well, like the alt-right movement and the neo n weekend. when asked if he thought he was energizing the group, trump replied, "i don't want to energize the groups and i disavow the group. it's not a group i want to energize. if they are energize i want to look into it and find out why." when leaders were called up. >> right now they in love with me. four weeks ago they weren't in love with me.


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